QOD MAX ORGANIC 1000ml x 32

32 x 1000ml QOD Max Organic

QOD MAX ORGANIC is a high performance hair keratin mask which combines ingredients to enable a temporary change of the hair structure.

This amazing formula is composed of amino acids, proteins and Amazon seed oils. This composition undergoes a reduction through nano-technology transforming larger spheres into microspheres ensuring unique penetration.

With QOD Max Organic you obtain reduced volume, frizz reduction, natural looking hair, gloss and movement. Natural, effective and long-lasting actions are guaranteed.

QOD Max Organic is 100% natural and therefore is free from formaldehyde and aldehydes. It may, however, require two treatments on some hair types to ensure full effect.

QOD Max Organic contains cocoa extracts and has a delicious chocolate fragrance.

Lasts for: Approx 15 - 20 applications depending on clients hair length and thickeness.

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