01- How do I place an order?
1 - Register on our website to create a login and password.
2 - Go to QODHAIRCOSMETICS.co.uk, choose the products you want and click on BUY NOW.
4 - Clicking on CHECKOUT, you will be taken to Payment and Shipping.
5 - Click on CONTINUE.
6 - Check your information and then click on PLACE ORDER.
7 - You will be taken to the webpage to make the payment and then your order will be placed.

02- How do I check on an order I have placed?
You can check the status of your orders by clicking on "My Orders" at the top of any page. You will go to your Order History page, where you'll see all your orders. From there, you can click on a specific order to see its details.
On the Order Details page, you'll see the items in the order, the shipping address, shipping method, payment details and any return or exchange information. On the Shipment Summary, you'll also see the current status and details from the shipping carrier's tracking service for each package.

03- Do you ship to my country?
We ship within the UK and most countries in the EU

04- What is the delivery time to my location?
UK within 2 days and approximately 5 - 7 days to countries within the EU

05- What´s the payment form?
The payment may be done by credit cards through PayPal.

06- What is the currency used?
GB Pounds

07- How can I calculate the shipping cost?
To estimate the shipping cost of some product, you must add it to your shopping cart and then in the shopping cart.

08- How secure is to buy on qodhaircosmetics.uk?
It is completely safe to buy on qodhaircosmetics.co.uk.

09- I found QOD products for less on e-bay or some other unauthorized source. Why should I not buy from them?
We are NOT responsible for products labeled “QOD” that are not obtained directly from our website (www.qodhaircosmetics.uk).


10- Are QOD products “formaldehyde-free”?
QOD’s products do not contain industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde, unlike most hair straightening treatments. We invested many years doing research in order to create a product that imitates the effets of formaldehyde. Our formula is accepted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

11- How long will a QOD treatment last?
It lasts from 3-5 months depending on how often the hair is washed.

12- Does QOD products work on hair with extensions?
Yes. You must be carefull when flat-ironing the extensions: the seam where extensions are joined to the natural hair should not be flat-ironed.

13- Why should I use QOD aftercare products?
When using QOD aftercare produtcts, the effects of straightening and conditioning lasts much longer. We strongly advise to always use QOD aftercare shampoos and conditioners that work with the treatment you have done.

14- What kind of flat iron should I use?
You should use a ceramic flat iron that maintains 200ºC (392ºF) degrees.

15 - What does OrganiQ mean?
OrganiQ is the new exclusive ingredient of QOD COSMETIC. It is composed by amino acids, proteins and oils of Amazon seeds. This composition undergoes a reduction through nano-technology transforming larger spheres into microspheres ensuring unique penetration. Natural, effective and long-lasting actions are guaranteed. With OrganiQ you obtain reduced volume, frizz reduction, natural looking hair, gloss and movement. QOD OrganiQ is a 100% natural and it is formaldehyde and aldehyde free. It doesn't cause allergies and lasts longer.