1 x 1000ml QOD Max Prime S-Fiber Keratin Treatment

1 x 1000ml QOD Original Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo

1 x 300ml  QOD Max Prime Shampoo

1 x 300ml QOD Max Prime After Treatment Mask

QOD MAX PRIME S-FIBER is a 100% natural and it is formaldehyde and aldehyde free.

QOD Max Prime S-Fiber has characteristics that ensures that it is the best formula of QOD Keratin Treatments that QOD Cosmetico in Brazil have ever produced.

QOD Max Prime S-Fiber is a hair smoothing system with a more natural and longer-lasting straightening effect than conventional Brazilian Keratin Treatments.

It is an incomparable treatment and has been developed with key ingredients, vegetative protective agents and natural keratin amino acids to repair hair, reduce volume, control frizz and leaving the hair with a brilliant healthy shine.

Why is QOD Max Prime S-Fiber is the most advanced aldehyde free Brazilian Keratin Treatment in the world?

  • The easiest and quickest application method of all QOD Brazilian Keratin Treatments
  • Suitable for all hair types and colours
  • High regeneration power for damaged hair
  • Straight effect for 120 days*
  • Reduces 90% of blow drying time after treatment
  • Instant wash if preferred but for best results leave for 48 hours

 The Max Prime After Treatment Mask can also be used as a conditioning mask.

*Based on twice weekly washing with QOD After Care products

 NB. Hair colouring must be performed post treatment

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